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There are many different methods available for cleaning a drain. They can be mechanical, organic, or chemically based. If you are experiencing any kind of drain blockage, it is important to choose a suitable drain cleaner for your home. If you are looking to avoid calling an emergency plumber, below is a compilation that details different drain cleaners available for purchase.

The most popular form of drain cleaners are chemically based substances that unblocks drains.  Coming in solid or liquid form, chemical drain cleaners are extremely corrosive in nature and can eat away at blocks situated deep within the pipes.  Chemical products usually contain both lie and bleach that, when combined, transform into a foamy substance that is able to dislodge blockages.

There are both advantages and disadvantages when using chemical drain cleaners. First and foremost, they are the least physically demanding option available for cleaning a drain and are extremely efficient at removing hair and grease based clogs.

In contrast, the material’s corrosive nature can cause strong medical reaction if the user comes into direct skin contact with the product. Because of the danger associated with using chemical products, it is best to leave any drain clearing job to a professional, emergency plumber.

Hand held drain augers, or snakes, are a mechanical method of clearing drains in a plumbing system.  Augers are designed to clean deep drains in a pipe, and are driven by an outside mechanical force.  Some hand held augers are hand cranked, and have a small metal wire that can reach deep down into the pipes, no matter which way that they turn. Others are automatically powered and have the potential to immediately clear a clog. Many professional emergency plumbers have the ability to clear a drain with an automatic auger

There are some organic home remedies that can help alleviate simple clogs. By pouring boiling water into a drain opening, soap or hair clogs can often be removed.  Also, if you add baking soda aad vinegar into you’re hot water solution and a foamy material will form. The foam acts as a force that can dislodge simple clogs from any drain.

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When dealing with severe plugs, it is always best to hire a plumber who is well trained and able to properly fix any water issue.  For example, if you live in an expensive area such as NYC, you are going to want to hire an emergency plumber in NYC to handle any issue in your apartment.

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