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New York City is world famous for it’s water supply. For a city with such monstrous proportions, it has some of the cleanest, most readily available water resources on the globe. For this reason, it is so important to have appropriate water pressure in your home or apartment. Having access to such a tremendous natural resource, with improper pressure is simply a travesty. For the price of the water, you should be able to properly utilize it. Try some simple home remedies to free up your pipes and fix the flow, but if those don't work than a NYC plumber is your best bet. 

The first step towards fixing water pressure is to report your problem to your landlord. In many rental agreements, plumbing issues are your landlord’s responsibility to fix. Additionally, if you choose to do any work on your own, you should always alert your landlord to limit any additional fees. If your landlord does not respond you can file a low water pressure complaint form to make a maintenance grievance against your landlord.

In many apartments in NYC, water pressure is determined by the age of the complex. Water pressure is much lower in fixtures at higher floor apartments than at lower floor apartments due to the obvious rules dictated by physics and gravity. Water enters the building from a main at the street level, which has the force of roughly 30 to 90 pounds per square inch, depending upon the time of day and location of the complex.  When the water enters the building, it is pumped to the roof tank, which is the source of water for the majority of apartments on the higher floors.  All apartments that are sourced by roof tanks measure the force of water in pounds per square inch. If your problem is caused by the flow from the water tank, a plumber in NYC will have to be called in order to professionally alleviate the problem.

Identifying the cause of low pressure is the first step towards solving the issue. It could be as simple as a clogged aerator, or severe as a root cutting off pipe flow. By assessing what is actually wrong, you can begin to take the appropriate steps towards procuring better water pressure. In most cases, you will need to contact a plumber in NYC in order to regain the correct flow of water in your residence.

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