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Your yard should have something called yard drains, and when those drains clog you run the risk of flooding. There are a lot of different ways to try and make your yard drains more effectively. One method to help prevent clogging is the drain covers or grates, and there are many different types for yard drains. Finding the perfect drains cover for your area will help to ensure that debris doesn’t end up in the pipes, clogging your system. Knowing your different options could potentially help save you time and money. Some of your different options are:

Knowing about your different options, when it comes to yard drains, could be the difference between a flood and smooth sailing through a storm. Standing water in your backyard is so much more than a simple inconvenience: this still water can kill your plants and grass. More so than ruining the aesthetics of your yard, standing water comes with potential health risks. It is a growing places for funguses and mold, as well as a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests. Look into checking your yard drains now, before the next storm hits.

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