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We provide full scale restoration services for plumbing problems such as leaking faucets, drains, and sewer cleanouts, Call the plumbing experts at General Plumbing. We will help with your plumbing issues.

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Clarissa Gomez


Trying to find a Manhattan plumber can be tough, because there are so many of them working in the city today. How does anyone pick? I picked after doing an Internet search plumbing in NYC. I did this search and I found General Plumbing, and I think they might be plumber Manhattan has to offer anyone. They got to my home quick, they were clean, friend, and most of all professional. I definitely would hire them again if I need a plumber.

Erica Sander


I hired General Plumbing to work on my home, and I am very happy that I hired them. My mother-in-law told me about them, and since I hired them I have thanked her for her recommendation. General Plumbing made it possible that I use my kitchen again. I am a big time cooker, and so are my husband and oldest daughter, and so it was a big loss to the family when the kitchen sink broke down. General Plumbing fixed this for us, and they didn’t even charge us an arm and a leg for it. If you need a plumber then call General Plumbing.

Brittany Mitchells


For sometime I thought that all plumbing was the same, and that no one plumber stood above all others. Now that I know General Plumbing I know that is not case. I had a plumber I called who I could sort of trust. I knew the problem would, for the most part, would be fixed, but I expected a mess and a bill I thought was unfair. Finally I took to the net and searched plumbing and New York City plumber. I found Island Sewers, and then I asked some people I knew if they ever heard of the company before. I didn’t think anyone would, because this city is so big, but that wasn’t the case. I hire Daniels Plumbing, and I know that I hired the best plumber could ofer me.

Rhonda Freeman


When you need a NYC ¬†plumber, who also happens to be the best plumber, then you need to hire General Plumbing. Out of all the New York City plumbers I know General Plumbing is different, and different good. Don’t feel that you have to suffer through, or with, bad plumbers, just because you don’t know any better. I am here today writing this to let you know that there is better. If you want a great New York City plumber, with fair prices, convenient service, a strong creed of professionalism, and more then you should probably call General Plumbing




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General Plumbing specializes in commercial and residential plumbing, kitchen and bathroom plumbing, sewers & drain cleaning, leaks & repipes, and new plumbing fixture installation and repair. We are confident you will notice our professional, friendly, and eco-conscious approach to plumbing - using the latest technology and products to get the job done right. We can diagnose your slow or clogged drain problems and solve them quickly and professionally. If your sewer or drain is clogged or running slowly, look no further than General Plumbing's drain services!


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