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There are many old buildings in New York City that have archaic plumbing systems.  When attempting to install a new hot water heater, there are many steps to take in order to have a properly functioning system. It is always best to contact a plumber in New York City who has expertise in older system. Trying to install appliances without the proper knowledge can lead to disastrous outcomes.  When a hot water heater begins to reach the end of its warrantee, it may be time to contact a local plumber who will help with the installing a new system.

In NYC, everything is expensive, which will make you want to regularly check up on your water heater. It is crucial that you avoid leaks at all costs to limit damage and save money.  Having a plumber check on your appliances regularly can help you save a great deal of money in the long term.  If your water heater needs to be replaced, a plumber can handle the job efficiently and professionally.

Replacing an old water heater is a difficult task, but one that a plumber is accustomed to.  The first step in the replacement is shutting off nearby electrical lines so that risk of electrocution is stifled. Luckily, many plumbers have certifications as electricians because of the tendency for their work to involve electricity.  When the plumber secures the wiring to the old heater, he will then shut of the water at the main using a meter stick. This will limit floods or leakages when swapping out the appliances.  In precautious measures, a small sump pump will be kept in close proximity to the work site to deal with an excess liquid.

The plumber will then cut through the existing incoming and outgoing water lines using a tool known as a pipe cutter. Once the pipes are removed new height adjustments can be made to accommodate the needs of the new water tank. Next, an insolation valve will be installed if there isn’t already one in place; older systems were not designed with insolation valves. This will allow water in the tank to be shut off without turning off the main line.

Next, the appliance will be affixed into place and be outfitted with a drip pan to limit leaks. The connections will be soldered and secured with professional equipment. Lastly, the tailpiece will be screwed into the release valve, and the main will be switched back on so that you can switch on the safety valve and allow water to fill the tank. 

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