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When looking for a plumbing in NYC, New York, you have a good deal of options to consider. Considering the amount of homes and people, the need for highly trained and qualified plumbers is extensive. New York City has high standards and regulations set in place for all plumbers, so that the plumbing systems that make the city function stay operational. The city makes plumbers go through different processes in order to make sure each plumber is qualified to fix plumbing systems in accordance with city plumbing regulations and codes.

The first step to becoming a plumber in NYC is getting a position as an apprentice. This can be done in two different ways: Either by getting positions as a plumber's helper or through the help of a business or trade union. Despite how a person goes about becoming an apprentice plumber, a person must be eighteen years of age or older. A good deal of positions also requires that an individual must graduate high school or hold a degree that is equivalent. The person must also take basic math exams and pass drugs tests. Within the last five years, computer skills have become a necessary requirement.

After a successful apprenticeship, which can last from two to five years, a person can apply for a journeyman license. A journeyman plumber can work as an independent plumber, and they are fully trained and skilled in all plumbing jobs and city/state regulations. In order to become a licensed journeyman, you must pass state administered tests. These tests question knowledge of local codes and general plumbing.

After a certain period of time as a journeyman, you can apply to become a master plumber. This is the highest status a person can have as a plumber. In order to become a master plumber one must be able to show a history of work they've done, as well as taking and passing more exams. The abilities of a master plumber and a journeyman are rather similar, except for three main differences. The first difference is the ability to create blue prints. A master plumber must be able to create blue prints, where as a journeyman simply must be able to read them. The other two differences are that master plumbers can contractor different plumbers and can also open their own plumbing business.

It is not easy to become a plumber in NYC, New York because of all the training, work experience, and testing.  However, when you hire a plumber you know you are hiring a person who can handle any plumbing job.

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